Welcome to our online shop! Here's where you can buy gift vouchers and Pottery To-Go Kits.

When you choose your pottery you'll also be given the choice of 3 paint palettes (see images under your pottery image). 

To order a hand/footprint kit: use the filter below to find our print friendly pieces of pottery. When you've chosen your piece use the options to choose your hand/footprint kit and colours. 

To spend a gift voucher: in your basket, add the code at the bottom right of your voucher as a promo code.

Covid update: We're checking in to the studio every other day and aim to turn orders around in 3 days. If your order is urgent please drop us a text on 07900 090 851.

Make the most of a little me time by adding a slice of locally made chocolate Tiffin by searching our Sweet treats filter.