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How to bring relaxation into your home with Art & Soul

Let's face it, the last couple of years have been a rollercoaster and now more than ever, you may be feeling the need to find ways to hit pause, relax and breathe.

Many people turn to meditation which is very effective but not always easy to tap into in this busy world, so we have developed a series of accessible, fun workshops to make it easy for you to bring a little bit of peace and happiness into your home.

Who are we? Andi is a teacher and therapist in the Vedic sciences - which means she’s on a mission to help everyone find a happy and healthy life through natural routines and remedies! She has run her Hamsa Yoga and Ayurveda practice for 20 years and has clients from all over the world. Claire is a ceramic artist who has run The Paint Pottle for 8 years delivering creative and relaxing clay and pottery painting workshops to whoever wants to take part!

What is Art & Soul? This series of Saturday morning easy meditation and mindfulness workshops have been expertly designed by Andi and Claire to share tips and techniques to help you reduce stress, relieve anxiety and encourage a clear and positive state of mind. We focus on boosting health and enhancing relaxation and help you on your way to creating a ‘healing home.’ We choose complimentary mindful ceramic projects, which when you take home, give you the prompt you need to effortlessly incorporate simple meditations into your everyday life - and they look awesome too!

We host the workshops in The Paint Pottle, in the middle of Market Harborough. It's a very cosy, friendly and inclusive environment where we spoil you with herbal teas and endless biscuits. All tools, paints and pottery are included so all you have to do is turn up, sit back and relax. Take a look at this seasons series of Art & Soul workshops here.

Book one 3 hour workshop for just £45.00 or book all three and receive 20% off! If you would like to take this offer up please contact

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