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A Perfect Pottle : a week of work experience at The Paint Pottle by Theo

We all have to begin our work journey in some way. The idea once frightened me, making me wonder if I would ever find a work place that suited me. My school had announced that work experience would ensue shortly - a week of pure engagement with a business. This was daunting to say the least.

Despite this, my fear had been for no good reason.

The Paint Pottle.

As soon as I stepped forth into the welcoming doors of this award winning art space I was greeted warmly by the owner and her colleague. After some brief yet insightful safety instructions and a quick question session, I was guided in what tasks to do.

The Paint Pottle feels like a safe environment - a protection from the stress and harm of the wider world. I have been inspired by the staffs’ effortless yet enthusiastic help towards the customers, each other and to myself. On my first day I was escorted to a factory in Long Eaton to see the origins of where the pottery is supplied from. It’s almost hypnotising - seeing each piece of pottery be formed from what seems like nothing. I even got to choose a new jug shape to try in the shop (see image of me painting it!)

By the end of the week I had completed a short assignment which really re established my new knowledge. This compels me to do more, to change more and to make a difference.

I have been taught many things whilst spending my time here. From finance to artistic techniques (check out my work on The Paint Pottle Instagram account) to people skills. I have also learnt contextual knowledge such as the history of pottery and paint, it has all prepared me for what’s ahead in my work adventure.

Thank you The Paint Pottle for this incredible experience.

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